Top 8 Soft Skills You Need For a Successful Career

Nicole Leigh SonnierSeptember 30, 2022

We all know technical skills are needed in most positions, but when all your peers possess the same skills, how do you set yourself apart? For career growth, soft skills are necessary. Soft skills are those qualities or attributes that make you shine in the workplace and make you effective.

They include communication, problem-solving, and other interpersonal skills. These skills will impact how you communicate and collaborate with others. When you have solid soft skills, you are better equipped to handle conflict, work as a team, and lead your company to success. Here are the top eight soft skills you need for a successful career.


Good leaders are effective communicators who encourage open communication and listening to feedback from the entire team. Every employee wants to be heard and be able to put input into processes and projects. They also know how to spend their time motivating their team members.

They operate knowing that they have to lead by example. To be a successful leader, you should establish a no-judgment environment, actively listen to your team, ask for their input and suggestions, and motivate your employees to succeed.


Communication skills are critical and include all your interactions with co-workers and clients. Non-verbal and verbal communication, written communication, body language, listening, and understanding others are all critical when collaborating on projects, sharing ideas in meetings, resolving conflict, and making sales presentations.


Problems arise in business. What's important is that you know how to solve them, to find solutions to ensure that your company excels and your clients are happy. Using your analytical skills and creativity to identify problems, devise solutions, and apply them effectively will make you a hot commodity in the workplace.


The ability to effectively manage teams, akin to leadership, management is a skill. There are skills within the management skills realm that help you succeed in the position. You need emotional intelligence to recognize what is working and what needs to be adjusted with your team members.

You also need excellent time management skills to plan your time to handle the myriad of responsibilities on a manager's plate. You should also be able to set goals for yourself and your team and use critical thinking to make those tough decisions.

Time Management

Managing your time well ensures that you can get the job done in a timely fashion. When your time is planned, you can immediately work on the things you have to do for each day, including completing projects, attending meetings, and other essential workplace tasks.

It ensures that you meet deadlines and get to meetings on time. You should be able to prioritize your work, set a schedule and adhere to it, set goals and accomplish them, and not allow distractions to take you off track.

Strategic Thinking

Thinking creatively and identifying opportunities lead to increased profits and customer satisfaction. You must also be adaptable and effective at planning your company's future. Strategic thinkers are open-minded, constantly questioning, and able to see things from different points of view. You must produce ideas, develop them, and strategically create plans to execute them and implement them.


Good organizational skills involve properly arranging things and keeping them in order – in your office, your mind, and the projects you manage. When you are organized, you can easily multi-task, be ready for changes, and meet deadlines. To stay organized, remember to set up your office for success and return things to their proper place after using them,  avoid clutter, use to-do lists and calendars, and stick to a routine.


Networking isn't what it used to be. Thanks to social media, you now have so many ways to reach out and connect with others. Once only held in person, networking events are now available on Zoom.

To take advantage of networking, you must create new relationships with industry and company leaders and your contemporaries. Learn new contacts' names, occupations, and companies. Find ways to collaborate, share ideas and opportunities, and make new friends.

How to Strengthen & Sharpen Your Soft Skills with a Growth Mindset

A growth mindset is about being willing to learn and adapt to the world. You must be capable of change, open to learning new things, and receptive to new ideas. Be ready to accept innovative ideas and admit you don't know everything. Be open to constructive criticism and willing to apply new methods to problems. You also must be an active listener and ready to get out of your comfort zone and try new things.

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