Do Quick Careers That Pay Well Even Exist?

Mercedes HolmesJuly 9, 2022

Your Guide To Finding Good Jobs That Have Low Barriers To Entry

The short answer to the question asked in the title of this guide, “Do quick careers that pay well even exist?” is, unfortunately, “No.” Finding a quick career that pays a solid living wage will more often than not require that you attend an intensive coding bootcamp, or a certification course that can provide you with the industry-recognized credentials that you will need to gain entry into the fields like web design & development, user experience design, product design, digital marketing, sales, or HR.

Fortunately, the CO.CAREERS job board can give you a head start in your quest to locate the best career options with the lowest barriers to entry so that you can start on the path to earning a good living, and doing what you love, as quickly as possible.

While finding a high-paying career with no formal education, or industry experience is challenging it is not completely outside the realm of possibility. Keep reading to learn how you can make use of tools like a strong portfolio of work, a killer resume, or alternative relevant life experiences plus the wide range of opportunities available on the CO.CAREERS job board to find the job of your dreams.

How To Find Great Job Opportunities

Regardless of where you currently find yourself on your education and career path, you can find great job opportunities that value the talent that you have to offer. You just need to know how, and where to look.

Any job search should start with solid research. Take some time to sit down and assess where your interests lie, and what your core talents are. You may also want to make a short list of what sort of work environment, and benefits are on your must-have list for your dream job. With this information in hand, you can head out to the world wide web and look into the details surrounding your top career interests.

Specifically, you will want to learn the top job titles for the type of work that you are interested in, as well as the basic education and experience requirements for your chosen career field, and the work environment or schedule that you can expect to encounter when working in your chosen role.

Putting in the time to conduct thorough preliminary research will help provide you with a solid direction for your career search, and may make you aware of some alternative opportunities or stepping stone career roles that can help you get your foot in the door of your chosen industry.

How To Sell Yourself When You Are Just Getting Started

Nabbing a dream job when you are just starting out on your chosen career path can be a daunting task. Competition for the top jobs is fierce so if you are going for a true gem of a job, and have little formal experience or education, you are going to need to bring your A-game to the interview and use a little out-of-the-box thinking to help sell yourself during the application process.

For example, if your chosen role involves any type of artistic, or natural talent then make sure to focus your efforts on creating an eye-popping, attention-grabbing portfolio of your work to wow the hiring team with your talent. If you are hoping to land a role with more structured experience requirements, think beyond just the paid gigs, or formal experience of past work. It is perfectly acceptable to include volunteer, intern, and unpaid, informal experience in your personal pitch when you are trying to sell yourself as a great catch to potential employers.

How To Use The CO.CAREERS Job Board To Find Your Next Dream Job

The CO.CAREERS Good Jobs Board can help give you an advantage, and a fighting chance at snagging a great job regardless of your current level of education or experience in your chosen industry. The CO.CAREERS job board is designed to be easy to navigate with intuitive search features that allow users to narrow their job search by specific job titles, OR using keywords or phrases related to your field of interest or talent area. This unique method of filtering job opportunities will allow you to see a wide variety of open employment options, including those that you may not have previously considered.

Co. Careers good jobs platform screenshot of the homepage with job seeker searching for ux design jobs
Career seeker depicted searching for UX Design jobs in the CO.CAREERS Good Jobs Search Engine

Users can also choose to narrow their job search by selecting the type of employment that they are seeking (e.g. Full Time, Part Time, Internship, or Temporary), the work location, and the posted time to see the newest careers available. There is even a search filter that allows you to filter job opportunities by the date that the job was posted so that you can be sure that you can focus your efforts on the freshest jobs where you stand the best chance of wowing the hiring managers before the competition starts pouring in.

Logged in user depicted searching for ux design and finding 139 real ux design jobs posted in the last month
Logged in user depicted searching for UX design and finding 139 real UX design jobs posted in the last month

Be sure to take advantage of CO.CAREERS' personalized weekly job notifications based on your specific job search criteria. Every week, CO.CAREERS will filter and deliver the very latest relevant job opportunities in your chosen industry right to your email inbox so that you don’t ever miss out on a great job opening. (You can always unsubscribe at the click of a button.)

CO.CAREERS carefully vets the job opportunities posted on our site, and only publishes those job opportunities that contain specific job requirements, and detailed information about the specific role, and the work environment. Best of all, CO.CAREERS makes it a point to only work with employers who demonstrate a rock-solid commitment to creating a human-centered work environment where every worker is veiled and treated with respect.

Visit the CO.CAREERS Good Jobs Board now to find a job that feels like more than a boring 9-5. Discover a career that excites you with benefits that appreciate your value.

Use The CO.CAREERS Job Board To Find Your Dream Job Today!

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