Breaking into the music industry with video production

Jeri SheilAugust 23, 2022

It is possible to break into the music video industry by applying to jobs and building your experience and portfolio. Using this good jobs search engine connects us to good jobs by fostering connections, for workers to gain experience, and to connect us with a company we want to work with. This job board makes applying easy; there are many jobs, and a decent selection of work from home opportunities is listed. My experience using this job board has been positive: from the colorful environment to the quality postings- I’m impressed by the variety, and I’m looking for something that will fit me.

Decide on your career areas of interest

How can I break into the music industry? What are my skills, and what is an excellent job for my experience? How can I showcase my skills to an employer? Gaining experience takes time, and it’s important to determine a direction to develop your professional skills. In my case, I’d like to become involved with the Music Video Industry, which means I should look for video editing, photography and videography, production, and marketing positions. If, on the other hand, I am interested in making music, I might look for music teaching, performance, and openings in music marketing. Developing a broad scope from our dream jobs gives us practical steps to building the experience needed for a good career!

Take inventory of your career portfolio of skills

As I did, the next course of action is to assess your skills and interests. Ask yourself, what is the right job for me? I have researched and developed my prospective choices in music and advertisement. Instead of limiting a user to one kind of job, searching for a variety of positions involving my skills within my niche led me to possible work connections.

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My direction is influenced by my drive to explore more. Music is a passion of mine, so making videos to share people’s music, dancing, and live performances and to use it as a tool to explore film as a medium of expression. How can I make a living by creating art that provides an avenue of income? How is it possible to begin work in rewarding roles, look good on paper, and put me in contact with people I can do future business with? It’s possible by using CO.CAREERS to locate and quickly apply to relevant positions.

I have experience professionally and charitably with video production, content creation, and visual media projects. I have created content formatted for websites, a YouTube channel, and begun creating music. I use many different programs to produce my digital media, I am tech savvy, love to learn, and I want to get into another person’s psyche. My lifelong love for music and experience with instruments and dancing has directed me towards the music industry to creatively express myself.

My skills get me so far, and my professional experience helps greatly. Submitting a convincing portfolio I’ve developed over the years feels fantastic, and seeing how many available opportunities is rewarding. I’ve expanded my search to include different aspects of content creation, advertisement and publishing, and social media marketing, especially music opportunities. I am still searching for the perfect niche, but an offer has come the way that I am considering.

Develop a game plan for career success

My game plan is to gain 3 years of experience creating content for marketing purposes. Many digital productions, social media management, and advertisement jobs put me in the line of sight of my dreams. CO.CAREERS can provide this career foundation I need to build skills that jobseekers want. The pay is reasonable, the website is comfortable and easy to navigate, and the connections I made continue to generate more connections.

While gaining experience, I must keep looking and reaching out to employers. The social development of that kind of outreach can make the first connection that will reward the search for a music industry career. When I respond and communicate with a company, more freelance opportunities are sent my way because I show up, prove myself, and gain experience speaking with bosses and employers.

I know about going on an application rampage, getting a few weak responses, emails trickling away, and then… repeating that process over again. Our current economy is disheartening that well-paying jobs have become harder to find.

Use the new Good Jobs platform by CO.CAREERS to aid in your job hunt

A great place to look for good-paying employment is CO.CAREERS because they have a variety of work types available. In their knowledge center and the Good Jobs Guide, you can read the information on finding remote jobs, good-paying jobs, and making a career-fulfilling choice.

CO.CAREERS is set up with LinkedIn as a login option, so anyone can use that account to sign in and keep track of the job board. This integration is helpful, along with the Facebook and Google options. The system is simple, and the application process is automated. You may have to complete a skills test to finish your application, but it’s a guided process that makes it easy to showcase what you have in store.

Jeri sheil

Jeri Sheil is the owner of LUCKI3 Creations, video producer, and social media expert: Jeri Sheil is studying to go to the University of Idaho for Broadcasting and Digital Media. They spend a lot of time painting, vending art at festivals, and drinking tea.

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