How to be a Successful Account Executive at a Digital Agency

Alyssa BauerMarch 30, 2021

A week in review at a purpose-driven company.

Being in the midst of a global pandemic, I didn’t have a traditional “first day of work.” I didn’t nervously panic during my morning commute or find a new home in a compact cubicle. Instead, I walked a few feet to my tiny desk and opened my laptop to officially start my work day. My first impressions, lessons, and tasks were all done virtually, between many Google and Zoom meetings.

On my first day, I met my new coworkers, attended client meetings, and familiarized myself with everything there is to know about Key Medium. The rest of my week played out in a similar way, gradually tackling more assignments and responsibilities. Within one week, I have already learned a lot about the company culture, how its values translate into meaningful work, and the valuable role I play in it. 

Here are five key takeaways I learned during my first week at Key Medium: 

  1. Meet new faces with confidence
    From co-workers to clients, I met a lot of new faces. Introducing myself virtually seemed a bit abnormal, but I was so excited to learn first-hand about specific client needs, and how to navigate meetings. I remained confident throughout these interactions to create a positive, virtual first impression.
  2. Ask questions
    Starting a job is exciting, but it’s also intimidating and intense with a lot of unknown information. It’s completely normal to not know everything in the beginning. I was hesitant to ask questions, but I quickly learned that the most efficient way to adapt to a new role is by asking questions… and a lot of them. Proactively resolving questions about uncertainty is crucial to acclimate easily.
  3. Learn new software, programs, and applications
    This is my first job where I need to use a customer relationship management (CRM) software. I learned how to operate, access information, and navigate Jira, a system we use to track, plan, and execute client assignments. Technology is ever-evolving, but learning as it changes makes adapting to it seamless.
  4. Listen to feedback
    Again, it is completely normal to not know everything, and mistakes are inevitable, but there is no need to sulk in them. Instead, take accountability for those mistakes and listen to feedback to avoid the same mistake in the future. I know my coworkers are there for me to smoothly adapt to, grow with, and challenge my new role. Remaining patient throughout the learning curve, digesting feedback, and applying it to future projects is the only way to grow.
  5. Embrace your team’s dynamics
    Besides learning my own role, I learned about my coworkers’ roles within the company, standard procedures, and existing dynamics. I learned who does what and how, the purpose behind the company’s work, and how I can contribute to that work in a valuable way. I learned how to be a team player and resource to my coworkers.

Overall, I had an eventful week full of learning. Written on March 30, 2021 by Alyssa Bauer

Alyssa Bauer formerly served as an Account Executive at Key Medium and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations. She has used her background to build client-relationships, curate digital media content, and develop public relations plans. Alyssa loves being part of a work environment that combines her passion for creative collaboration and strategic solutions.

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  1. The first week on a new job is always a learning experience! And sometimes it doesn't work out and it's ok—you just have to move on to find a role that is a good fit for your expertise and lifestyle.

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