Our Product Roadmap (draft)

The CO.CAREERS Good Jobs Search Engine and its award-winning team is on a mission to make it easy to connect people and organizations in your community with a private talent network and up-to-date practical career resources.

We envision a world where everyone can achieve economic opportunity—without asking them to sacrifice their values to achieve work-life balance and get the pay they deserve.

Product Roadmap Outline

Here is a short list of Upcoming Improvement opportunity items as we map out the roadmap in more detail. This will be updated every few weeks.

1. Search Filters

In addition to filtering jobs by Job Type and Posted Time, we will *soon* add 2 more filters to help job searchers. With the next update to CO.CAREERS, you will be able to also sort by salary range scale that allows searches to include positions with a specific pay scale. And for those looking for a flexible position, you will be able to choose from entirely remote positions, non-remote positions, and positions that are temporarily remote because of COVID-19. 

2. Human-Centered Employer Badging and Updated Criteria

Stay tuned as we add more human-centered Employers and a more expansive set of jobs available. We are actively in the feedback collection process, and CO.CAREERS is a brand-new platform launching in June 2022. In our criteria for human-centered employers, we strive to reference Best Places to Work, Great Place to Work, and the Gallup Well-Being Index.

Early adopter feedback is welcomed!

Your feedback will be critical in improving the platform, and telling your friends and colleagues about the CO.CAREERS platform only helps to expand on our mission. We have an outline of the next phase of the product roadmap, with some improvements coming in the future listed below.

Last updated: Jun 12, 2022